Oilfield Injuries

Oilfield Injury Attorneys

The southwestern states are home to a large percentage of the oilfields in our country. In times of high oil prices, production is sent into overdrive. Safety regulations and good practices are left by the wayside to make way for profit. The result is often injury to those on the front lines: the employees of big oil companies that are being urged to extract more and worry about procedure less. When these injuries occur, big oil can afford to think of it as a cost of business, but those that suffer the injuries cannot. Oilfields are dangerous even while safety regulations are being followed to the T and even more so when they are not. Oil workers are exposed, on a daily basis, to:

• Heavy Mechanical Equipment
• Flammable Products
• Hazardous Chemicals
• Poorly Trained or Inexperienced Coworkers
• Poorly Maintained Equipment and Roads, and
• Countless other dangerous conditions at or near the rig!

While there are safety regulations designed to mitigate the risk of injury, accidents occur nonetheless. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that these regulations are being followed. When employers are more concerned about the bottom line than about the health and safety of their employees, there may be pressure for the employee to work in unsafe or harmful conditions. Many workers choose to tolerate these conditions rather than face the fear of losing their jobs, thereby increasing the likelihood of being involved in an accident. Employers may bear the responsibility, but the workers bear all of the risk.

When employers do not take care to follow safety regulations and, as a result, accidents occur, the law imposes liability on them so that their employees are protected. However, the employee must stand up for his rights in order to be compensated. If you were injured in an Oilfield Accident, you have may lost your livelihood, your ability to work, your health, and your dignity. Oil Companies should not profit from your loss. You may be entitled to damages related to the injury and for the permanent changes to your life that you have experienced as a result. Call us today to discuss your rights with a qualified oilfield injury attorney.