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Hot Air Balloon Accidents

The hot air balloon crash in Texas yesterday resulted in a tragic loss of life.  News is still emerging on the cause of the accident and it will likely take some time for authorities and experts to figure out exactly what happened.  Hot air balloon crashes are similar to airplane crashes in that they are…
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Airplane Accident Damages

Although airplane crashes are not as common as automobile accidents, they can have severe or even fatal consequences. Common injuries from airplane accidents include broken bones, head trauma, strokes, heart attacks, and burns.  In the worst situations, where lives are lost, the remaining family members often suffer their own injuries.  Those who survive a loved…
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Accidents on International Airline Flights: Know your Rights.

Whenever litigation involves an accident, incident, or transaction that occurs beyond the contiguous borders of the United States—particularly on the high seas, the question of what court has jurisdiction and what law applies becomes very complex. In the aviation crash context, it is important to know your rights in the event you or someone you…
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