Preventing Airplane Accidents in the New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado Mountains

Mountain flying is beautiful and rewarding.  For inexperienced mountain pilots, it can also be extremely dangerous.  Many plane crashes in New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona occur in en route mountain flight operations, and even more Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico airplane crashes occur in maneuvering flight during high-altitude mountain airport operations.  The dangers include flight…
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Ups Flight 1354: Minimum Descent Altitudes, And Another Case Of Over-automation

2013 has been a dark year for commercial aviation. UPS’ ill-fated Flight 1354 only deepens the growing concern about crew resource management in the age of ever-increasing cockpit automation. The NTSB has conducted an initial analysis of cockpit voice recorder (“CVR”) and flight data recorder (“FDR”) data from the UPS Airbus A300-600F freighter that crashed…
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