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Airline disasters are not only tragic, they are also complex. On top of wrestling with great loss and human tragedy, victims and their families may face important decisions and questions from authorities, insurance companies, and airline representatives in the weeks following a crash. It is imperative to have an experienced aviation accident attorney on your side, who can help you navigate the unique challenges to victims who want answers. When airliners fall out of the sky, a complex patchwork of airline crash-specific Federal and state laws govern what happens to the airline companies and victims, which court will have jurisdiction, who will have what burden of evidentiary proof, and what compensation will be available to whom and when. We fight for victims of airline disasters nationwide, no matter where you live. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an airline crash, we encourage you to read our blog posts about victims’ rights after an airline crash.

The Dane Law Firm is a boutique firm of aviators and attorneys who are passionate about flight safety and our clients’ rights. Airplane accident litigation is not your average day in court. If you have been the victim of an airplane crash or accident, you need expert New Mexico pilots, investigators, litigators, and trial lawyers like the Dane Law Firm to fight for your rights. Our New Mexico plane crash lawyers are committed to aggressively seeking justice for you by investigating the cause of your airplane accident, and retaining the best experts in the fields of aircraft crash reconstruction, metallurgy, aerodynamics, and engine and airplane design and certification. When investigating and litigating an airplane or helicopter crash, our experts use the best equipped laboratories and technologies available in the United States.

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Victims of aircraft crashes should read our attorney perspective on the problems with NTSB investigations here, then contact us for a no-cost consultation. If the crash was due to someone else’s negligence, The Dane Law Firm will fight to recover damages for your:

· Medical expenses
· Property damage
· Loss of consortium
· Lost wages
· Loss of future earning potential
· Prescription drug expenses
· Rehabilitation
· Funeral expenses
· Wrongful death
· Pain and suffering

In addition to fighting to recover these compensatory damages, we seek compensation for punitive damages to punish the parties responsible and help prevent others from acting in similar ways. You want justice and safety for your family, and improvement to the New Mexico aviation community. You want the Dane Law Firm, P.C.

*All claims arising from or relating to airplane, helicopter, and hot air balloon crashes and accidents are subject to time limitations, within which written tort claim notices must be served upon governmental agencies, and other time limits within which suit must be filed or the claim will be forever barred. These time limits and written tort claim notices to governmental agencies vary widely depending upon a careful legal analysis which includes the location of the crash, domicile of the parties, domicile of the survivors and their families, and choice-of-law issues. Therefore, if your crash occurred some time ago, it is strongly recommended that you contact The Dane Law Firm immediately to protect your rights. Moreover, no attorney-client relationship will exist between you and The Dane Law Firm until a written engagement agreement has been fully executed by the client, personal representative, conservator, or other legally authorized client representative and the Dane Law Firm, P.C.